Santoshi Maa Trust: Q & A By Email on July 12th 2013

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Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Q & A By Email on July 12th 2013

Here we are posting the queries been asked by the devotees in order to help the other devotees, we are not disclosing any personal information here except name. If any devotee not willing to mention name here please write us to:

*Question by Devotee (True Name: Gitu Sharma)
**Answer by SMT (Santoshi Maa Trust)

Devotee: Hi.. I live in America. I want to do solah sukhrawar vrat of santoshi mata. Here i won’t have cows to feed them with chana and gur. Can you plz suggest me some easy step by step procedure to complete my vrata, that would be of great help...

jay santoshi maa

SMT: We will be glad to assist in order to conduct Santoshi Maa Vrat on Fridays which we do frequently.

Here you can find few links to know more about the rituals.

To conduct the Puja / Vrat:

On Every Friday, You have to follow these process step by step:

Mangala Charan – Vrat Mahatmya & Bidhi:

Santoshi Maa Ki Katha Prarambh:

Aarti of Santoshi Maa :

Submittion of Prashad / Bhog:

Other Supportive Links:

Our Vision & Mission:

Benifits of Santoshi Maa Vrat:

Santoshi Maa Kripa to her Devotees:

If you don't have cows to feed the prasad then please store it in safe place which you will have to feed on the Udyapan day (16th Friday).

Maa Santoshi is the Goddess of Satifaction & Love.

Hope you will achieve all your wishes & we wish you for your future.

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  1. Udyapan 16 weeks last I have to do or after the fulfilment of the prayer I have to do...
    I can also feed the girls and boys mix also know the Udyapan of total 8