Santoshi Maa Trust: July 2013

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Monday, July 22, 2013

Q & A By Email on July 13th 2013

*Question by Devotee (True Name: Swapna Kudaravalli)
**Answer by SMT (Santoshi Maa Trust)

Devotee: I am doing Santhoshi Mata puja for 1st time. I stay in US.My doubt is how to do Udyapana here. I can't collect 8 boys at our apartment. So what can I do for Udyapana? And spending money on Friday. Can I spend money to buy clothes or I shouldn't spend money at all?

Please clarify my doubts.

SMT: Thanks for writing us & we would like to clear your doubts.

It is good to know that you have started Santoshi Maa vrat for the first time by which you will be able to achieve the peace & satisfaction in your life.

My first query: Every Friday, how are you feeding cows there ? Do you have cows ?

Obviously it will be difficult for you to do the Udyapan there in US. Don't spend money on anything. Udyapan will not be completed by gifting the clothes or by offering money. So for this you may have to come down to India to do such things.

If it will take some more time to come down India, then after 16th Friday also please continue doing the Vrat until your Udyapan gets fulfilled.

Devotee: I am not feeding any cows Priyanka. We don't have any and we can't feed them. Why do I need to feed a cow? Can't I give the food in temple as of Udyapan? I don't know when I will come to India. Can we touch sour food on Friday's while doing Santhoshi mata pooja? I am not going to eat but can I feed my son sour food.

Please clarify my doubts.

SMT: As per the process every friday after completing the Vrat puja, the chana & jaggery which you hold in your right hand while reading the vrat katha has to be feeded to cows.

If you don't have cows there, you can store it in safe place and the day of Udypan you will have to feed the cows.

Managing a stuffs and obeying the guidelines are two different things. It is your dedication & love towards Santoshi Maa.

You can't touch the sour food on fridays but unknowing if it happens then later you can seek the blessing of Mata.

You can't feed to your son too, but remeber if your family members also obey this procedure then it will turn as good for you.

Devotee: Thanks for clearing my doubts. I will email you if I have any more doubts.

Friday, July 19, 2013

Stop Cow Slaughter in India

Dear friends,

'Santoshi Maa Trust' has taken initiative for preserving and improving the breeds, and prohibiting the slaughter of cows and calves and other milch and drought cattle.

Join the Online Facebook page & we should make join the protest. 

Here we feel that humanity is lost so God has enabled us to do something for our cows Symbol of Santoshi Maa, Lord Krishna & Lord Shiva.

To Know more:

Cow slaughter has been protested in many countries especially in India. Central Govt. & many state governments has taken several steps to stop cow slaughter.

For more information, kindly visit the above Facebook page Link.

Everybody's support is highly appreciated.

Managing Trustee
Santoshi Maa Trust

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Q & A By Email on July 12th 2013

Here we are posting the queries been asked by the devotees in order to help the other devotees, we are not disclosing any personal information here except name. If any devotee not willing to mention name here please write us to:

*Question by Devotee (True Name: Gitu Sharma)
**Answer by SMT (Santoshi Maa Trust)

Devotee: Hi.. I live in America. I want to do solah sukhrawar vrat of santoshi mata. Here i won’t have cows to feed them with chana and gur. Can you plz suggest me some easy step by step procedure to complete my vrata, that would be of great help...

jay santoshi maa

SMT: We will be glad to assist in order to conduct Santoshi Maa Vrat on Fridays which we do frequently.

Here you can find few links to know more about the rituals.

To conduct the Puja / Vrat:

On Every Friday, You have to follow these process step by step:

Mangala Charan – Vrat Mahatmya & Bidhi:

Santoshi Maa Ki Katha Prarambh:

Aarti of Santoshi Maa :

Submittion of Prashad / Bhog:

Other Supportive Links:

Our Vision & Mission:

Benifits of Santoshi Maa Vrat:

Santoshi Maa Kripa to her Devotees:

If you don't have cows to feed the prasad then please store it in safe place which you will have to feed on the Udyapan day (16th Friday).

Maa Santoshi is the Goddess of Satifaction & Love.

Hope you will achieve all your wishes & we wish you for your future.

Q & A on June 29th 2013

*Question by Devotee (True Name: Gayathri R)

**Answer by SMT (Santoshi Maa Trust)

Devotee: I have been performing the santhoshi maa vrat for almost more than 16 weeks and i have not yet got any fruit for what i have prayed for. Please advise whether should i continue doing the vrat until i get the result or should i do compulsorily udyapan after the 16th week vrat or should we do udyapan only after the wishes are fulfilled. Also I am staying in the hostel and if i had to do udyapan,please adivse on how can udyapan be done otherwise. Awaiting your reply. Jai santhoshi mata!!

Thank you

SMT:  Jai Santoshi Maa :-)

Thanks for writing to us. Maa Santoshi is the goddess of satisfaction and she know that how her devotees are offering love towards her.

It is good to hear that you are doing Santoshi maa vrat and which is really good for your personal life as well.

See Gayathri, there is a wrong conception everywhere that by doing puja or vrat all our wishes can get fulfilled. But it is not because of that. You should offer your love or affection towards her. You should enjoy by doing the activities. She will fulfill your wishes and we are 100% sure about it. So please don't demand anything because she is not making demand only offer your love to her what she needs from all the devotees.

About the udyapan, it is written that after your wishes get fulfilled you should do the udyapan. But it is not written if wishes not fulfilled after 16th Friday you should continue doing that.

So I suggest you first make your udyapan as earliest with complete devotion towards her. After this you will be relaxed and your wishes will get fulfilled. Never lose your trust on Maa Santoshi because she is the only goddess who is there only to fulfil wishes of her devotees.

We will also pray on behalf of you. Let us know, once your wishes get fulfilled. We are always here to assist you. Jai Maa santoshi.

Devotee: Thank you so much for the quick response.since its the first time i was doing the santhoshi maa vrat, I have got lot of doubts while doing it .thank you for the clarifications. Jai santhoshi maa !!

*Question by Devotee (True Name: Rupali)
**Answer by SMT (Santoshi Maa Trust)

Devotee: I have been keeping santoshi mata vrat, i wanted to know if we can eat salt during the vrat.

SMT: On Friday you can eat salt but have food only one time after the evening.
For further queries, kindly get in touch.

Devotee: Thank u for your response. Can I also keep vrat during periods? Because I can't do puja . Is it counted? Pl let me know.

SMT: You can't keep vrat during your periods. And this friday will not counted (excluded) from the 16 -Friday.

Saturday, July 13, 2013

New Discussion with Devotees on Facebook

*Question by Devotee (True Name: Chandan)
**Answer by SMT (Santoshi Maa Trust)

Devotee: My name is chandan and i live in Australia. I have completed 16-week Santoshi Mata fast couple of months ago. I was thinking to perform the udayapan in oct in India as I had a plan to go to India in oct but because of some circumstances i won’t be able to go India in this year and now i am starting to get a little worried about how I will be able to get the udyapan performed to conclude the fast in Australia I am supposed to feed eight boys with kheer and gram. I don't personally have any boys to invite/feed, and have no one among my family or friends in Australia. Do you have any suggestion on how to perform this udyapan in Australia? I did ask one of the pandit Ji in Melbourne temple but he said he has no idea of santoshi mata's varat udayapn Vidhi. I did try to search temple in Australia Melbourne where I can get some help but could not find any santoshi mata temple in Melbourne. Ur help will be greatly appreciated.

Thank you for any advice.

SMT: Dear Chandan, Jai Santoshi Maa. Thanks for writing to us, we would love to help you out in solving your queries. Santoshi maa is the goddess of satisfaction. 

First of all you can able to conduct the udyapan in our home by organizing Santoshi Maa photo, kalash & puja samagari like kheer, gram, puri etc. And we can guide any pandit Ji in doing this for you. But you will have to organize the 8 boys in their itself which is mandatory without which it will be incomplete.
Other than this you will have to wait for some time & then plan to come back to India and complete your Udyapan.
Jai Santoshi Maa.

Devotee: Thank you for your reply and help. Can you please advise me these 8 boys should be under any age limit or I can ask any age boy? If I am unable to organise 8 boys, is there any other alternative like donate money and samagri in temple for 8 boys. 
I am very worried about udayapn because mata rani fulfilled my wish straight after I have completed my fasts i was so happy but after one month all of sudden everything started to happen opposite and everything that mata gave me is all vanished away now. May be that happened because i have not done udapan yet or may be I made sum kind of mistake. I have a full faith in mata. Jai santoshi maa.

SMT: Dear Chandan, By hearing this from you, hope you are not continuing the vrat now. You might be thinking that once 16-friday completed then it’s over. But exactly not like that. If you have not completed your udyapan then you should continue doing the vrat until Udyapan is completed.

I mentioned clearly & always remember that she is the goddess of satisfaction. It is good to hear that your wishes got fulfilled. But after 16-friday without doing udyapan you are not maintaining the precautions which is required on any fridays. Please do this. 

But now also you can go near Maa Santoshi and seek the blessings say sorry by which she will forgive you for everything and your wishes will get fulfilled again.

God is the supreme power and we are doing any kind of puja / vrat not to satisfy them it is to get our things done. So please don't think by donating some money in temple it will get over. Maa Santoshi is not asking for money it is only we. Maa Santoshi only needs your pure love and devotion towards her. 

8- boys age can vary from 5 to 14 years. But be careful they shouldn't eat any sour like items on that Udyapan day (friday). Jai Santoshi Maa.

For further queries, please write to us.

Devotee: Jai santoshi maa. I have started to follow whole procedure and precaution now. Can you please suggest me that am I allow to eat as many time as I want if it's not sour garlic onion contained food. Or I have to follow whole fast Vidhi until I complete udayapan.

SMT: Better if you can manage the whole day fast if unable to do so then max 1 time in a day preferably in the night time. Thanks. Jai Santoshi Maa

Udyapan After or Before the Wishes gets fulfilled

Dear Devotees,

Jai Santoshi Maa :-)

We have got several inquiries from many devotees like you on the similar topic.

So we have decided to post this clarification so that the ready made answers will be available for all.

Santoshi Maa is the goddess of Satisfaction who satisfies all her devotees by fulfilling their wishes. 16-Friday is the vrat tradition while doing Santoshi Maa Pooja. It is written in the Vrat proceeding books that proceed for udyapan after completion of 16th Friday even before your wishes gets fulfilled. But it is not written that if your wishes are not fulfilled yet either you stop continuing the vrat or don't do the udyapan till your wishes gets fulfilled.

Suggestion: So if your wishes are not yet fulfilled then please continue doing your udyapan then only you will be blessed with the satisfaction and your wishes will be fulfilled soon.

Maa Santoshi will fulfill your wishes very soon just after your Udypan.

If any delay is happening due to any valid reason or urgency then it is fine, don't get worried. Because maa Santoshi already aware of your concerns but immediately try to do your udyapan.

Please have that faith & love & affection towards her. This is the only key to get your wishes fulfilled.

There is a wrong conception many places that by doing puja or vrat all our wishes can get fulfilled. But it is not because of that. We should offer your love or affection towards her. We should enjoy by doing the activities. She will fulfill your wishes and we are 100% sure about it. So please don't demand anything like an outsider demand like an son / daughter because she is not making demand only offer your love to her what she needs from all the devotees.

So We suggest that first make your udyapan as earliest with complete devotion towards her. After this you will be relaxed and your wishes will get fulfilled.

Regulations made by us not by Maa Santoshi. People should afraid when they are not doing something intentionally or knowingly.

By any means unknowingly some mistakes are happening then just pray and convey the same to Santoshi Maa. That is only required.

Priyanka (Trustee)
Santoshi Maa Trust