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Sunday, February 21, 2016

Jai Santoshi Maa :-)

We have created a whatsApp Group of the Devotees.

Please add this number (+91 74066 46111) to send request to add yourself.

Jai Santoshi Maa :-)

Friday, October 10, 2014

Santoshi maa Vrat Preceding

The worship of santoshi mata reflects her own simplicity. She doesn't expect costly equipment or complicated preparations. Her puja needs no shrine, no temple, and no special place because santoshi mata is present everywhere in every heart and in every house / cottage. What pleases her is to see us perform her puja with true and pure heart.Santoshi Mata came to this space of universe on A friday during raksha bandan festival so friday is the most suitable day for her prayers. The devotee should get up early and free himself from daily routine. The puja could be held in a temple but a neat and clean place in any house will do.

Incense should be burnt throughout the devotions. Put a picture up of Santoshi mata, and light a ghee lamp in front of it lay aside the cares of the world for a while and concentrate on the glory of santoshi mata. Prepare a prasad of gor and chana, and a place them over a vessel full of water.

Now is the time to begin the vrata- the stories of santoshi maa. During the puja people should proclaim the name of Maa Santoshi a few times do it with loud and full of devotion. A small amount of ghor and chana should be held in the hand during the reading of the vrata and then feed those to the cows i.e., gau mata. And other small amount of ghor and chana should be offer to santoshi maa as prasad which has to be kept on top of the kalash while starting the katha and later it has to submit to the goddess by reading mantras of "bhog lagane samaya". After the varta garba and aarti the listeners should  collectively utter santoshi mata ki jai. The gor and chana prasad should be shared among the devotees. Take care to ensure That everyone receives a portion of the prasad. After that water from the vessel should be sprinkled throughout the house or hall prayer. The sacred water brings peace and calm into the house.

The prasad of santoshi mata has a great significance. It reminds us that luxury dishes are unnecessary.We could just survive on just gor and chana, As with food so with our rest of our lives. A desire for luxury and grandeur is unhealthy. The puja of Santoshi mata gives us an opportunity to turn away from exspensive luxuries and pledge our lives to small and ordinary items of daily use.

During this puja or prayer devotees should give up something physical as well as discarding there curiosities and desires. On the day of prayer to santoshi mata devotees should give up all desires and needs, and observe a fast before their prayers. In addition they should completely give up sour dishes. Sour dishes magnify baser qualities.

Those who pray to santoshi mata regularly every friday for up to sixteen consecutive weeks will attain contentment although devotees often choose to worship her for longer than the minimum period. The time period varies to the wishes of the devotee & it depends on the love & affection towards her.

Those who observe the fasts for santoshi mata should conclude the series with the udyapan or closure of fast on the last friday. Although the udyapan can be performed at any time it has a special value when devotees perform it on the friday than immediately follows 15 consecutive fasts.

As well as observing a fast on the friday of udyapan worshipers should also perform the vrata and aarti for santoshi mata with great devotion as always the prasad of gor and chana should be distributed among the devotees after  the puja.

Then one must offer thaal to the goddess. Usually khir pur and chana shakh are offered to santoshi mata and the distributed among the listeners as prasad. Bear in mind that the rule prohibiting the consumption of sour dishes must be observed. Failure to observe the restriction will negate the benefits of the fasting prayers.
At the end of the ceremony eight boys which can be from the devotees family are invited to take the prasad of khir puri cand chana shakh. Finally the boys should be given dakshina not money a present fruit like a banana again according to ones means.

After the udyapan the puja for the mother santoshi mata will have been completed with great ceremony. So long as the devotees have observed the rites of the puja and faiths with devotion true love and firm discipline their wishes will be fulfilled.
Please regard the preceding points as a guide rather than the authorative account. As  always devotees should not confuse in between many procedures.
Fell free to clarify your queries if any.

Santoshi Maa Trust
Bangalore - 560001

Distribution of Prasad for Santoshi Maa's Vrat Udyapan

This is the devotion that matters for any devotee that how they are flexible enough to conduct the Vrat Udyapan. Devotee should keep in mind that you are actually serving the Lord by your generous feeding ritual. If that thought is kept in mind, how does it matter if you go to feed 8-boys or they come to you ?

Your piety & devotion only will reach the Goddess Santoshi Maa.

First look at, Are there any temples located in your area so that you can arrange the Santoshi Maa Vrat udyapan it self in the temple premises. Possibly Talk/contact with the temple administration / priest. Also inquire whether there are any arrangements of Food and Prasad preparation in the temple itself.

If not then better recommendation is to prepare prasad in your home for which you can call priest and arrange for the Vrat Udyapan. After which you can feed 8- boys. Try your best to arrange them or else you can feed to 8-boy statues mostly which is arranged in every Santoshi Maa Temples.
As per the vrat itself you have to distribute food and prasad to 8 boys and you have to check the boys not to eat any sour items at that day. It may not possible if you distribute prasad to their homes. If food arrangement is not possible any where pray Santoshi Maa and donate some food items for 8 to 10 boys to an orphan home (Whatever religion they are) so that some poor people may get food, distribute Prasad as you plan and ultimately Santosi Maa will satisfy & bless you.
She is the Goddess of Love & Prosperity.

Swayam Santoshi Mata

Intimation :-) 

Is any one knows, Goddess Santoshi Maa is present in Meerpur (India) which is known as shakti pith where one of the finger os of Devi Sati has fallen out of 51 organs. Devi Sati, the daughter of Dakshya (son of Lord Brahma) & married to Lord Shiva who jumped into the Yagnya Kund and extinguished herself due to negligence of Lord Shiva by her father Dakshya .

Maa Santoshi is placed in India in 2- places as Shakti Pith of Devi Sati.

1. Shivapriya Maa Lalitambika Devi
2. Siddhapeetha Maa Bhagwati Lalita Devi

Hope this information will admire our devotees.

Managing Trustee 
Santoshi Maa Trust

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Financial Contribution for Cyclone & Flood Affected People in Odisha

Flood Affected People of Odisha

"Santoshi Maa Trust" has taken initiative to extend helping hand for the people of Odisha. This fund will be used for the flood affected people due to which they lost their house and struggling to get some food.

How to contribute :-
The contributor should clearly mention subject, his/her name/name of the organization with detail address while contributing to Santoshi Maa Trust.
The contributor can send his contribution to the fund in the form of cash, cheque, money order and demand drafts.

Kindly go through the basic guidelines below to avoid any hassle in transaction and receipt-

By Cheque/ Draft- Make it in the name of SANTOSHI MAA TRUST, A/C NO.- 029705003447 and send it to 21st Main, 2nd Stage, BTM Layout, Bangalore - 560076 with your full name, address, email and contact number for the receipt or drop the same in any of ICICI Branch with information to us on

For Online Transfer of the Contribution through bank:

Bank Address – BTM Layout, Bangalore, Karnataka, India
Account No – 029705003447
Bank Branch Code – 0297
IFSC / RTGS Code: ICIC0000297
Bank Swift Code – ICICINBBCTS
Account Type- Current

And please don't forget to fill this form before making any contribution which will help us to identify.

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Happy Birthday Day of Santoshi Mata

Dear Devotees,

Jai Santoshi Maa 

Today is the most expected- awesome - religious - peaceful day for all the devotees that "Birthday of Santoshi Maa".

God Bless all of you. If possible today everybody should try to visit Santoshi Maa Temple.

Lets join together & celebrate this Maa Santoshi Day.


Monday, July 22, 2013

Q & A By Email on July 13th 2013

*Question by Devotee (True Name: Swapna Kudaravalli)
**Answer by SMT (Santoshi Maa Trust)

Devotee: I am doing Santhoshi Mata puja for 1st time. I stay in US.My doubt is how to do Udyapana here. I can't collect 8 boys at our apartment. So what can I do for Udyapana? And spending money on Friday. Can I spend money to buy clothes or I shouldn't spend money at all?

Please clarify my doubts.

SMT: Thanks for writing us & we would like to clear your doubts.

It is good to know that you have started Santoshi Maa vrat for the first time by which you will be able to achieve the peace & satisfaction in your life.

My first query: Every Friday, how are you feeding cows there ? Do you have cows ?

Obviously it will be difficult for you to do the Udyapan there in US. Don't spend money on anything. Udyapan will not be completed by gifting the clothes or by offering money. So for this you may have to come down to India to do such things.

If it will take some more time to come down India, then after 16th Friday also please continue doing the Vrat until your Udyapan gets fulfilled.

Devotee: I am not feeding any cows Priyanka. We don't have any and we can't feed them. Why do I need to feed a cow? Can't I give the food in temple as of Udyapan? I don't know when I will come to India. Can we touch sour food on Friday's while doing Santhoshi mata pooja? I am not going to eat but can I feed my son sour food.

Please clarify my doubts.

SMT: As per the process every friday after completing the Vrat puja, the chana & jaggery which you hold in your right hand while reading the vrat katha has to be feeded to cows.

If you don't have cows there, you can store it in safe place and the day of Udypan you will have to feed the cows.

Managing a stuffs and obeying the guidelines are two different things. It is your dedication & love towards Santoshi Maa.

You can't touch the sour food on fridays but unknowing if it happens then later you can seek the blessing of Mata.

You can't feed to your son too, but remeber if your family members also obey this procedure then it will turn as good for you.

Devotee: Thanks for clearing my doubts. I will email you if I have any more doubts.