Santoshi Maa Trust: Benifits of Santoshi Maa Vrat

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Monday, June 25, 2012

Benifits of Santoshi Maa Vrat

This is the only Vrat by which many people have been succeeded in their lives. Goddess Santoshi Maa fulfils all the dreams with in 16 - Fridays fast.

1. Santoshi Maa can can avoid the "Grah Dosh" (any Naba Grah) with in a years time.
2. Your wife / husband can return home if they have diverted from you.
3. Happiness also can return your home with Dhan (Money) and complete satisfaction of life.
4. If any Woman, suffering from not having children, they also they can able to get it in their lives and make their live happy.
5. If you are suffering from poverty, then you can avoid it easily after doing the Vrat.
6. Unmarried girls can get their groom of their dream.
7. If any pending legal cases are running from long days, that also can be solved easily.
8. If any long fights are going on between friends & relatives from a long period, that also can be solved easily.
9. Your Family will have joy of money and power to pass their lives happily ever after.  


  1. I am the live example who has seen these effects mostly in my life. I have completed the Vrat Puja 6 time times in last 7 years.

    Thanks for posting this, hope this will help many people

  2. I am one of the live example who has seen these effects in my lives. I have completed Vrat Puja 6 - times in a row in last 7 years.

    And Hopefully these post will help many devotees and make their live successful. Thanks for sharing this. Mata Santoshi Bless all of you.

  3. Thanks for all your love Mr. Vimal