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To Start Santoshi Maa (Shukrawar-Friday) Vrata

Santoshi Mata Pooja is usually performed for a period of 16 Weeks on Friday also someone can make it for 1 year .

You will be required to have a Santoshi Maa Photo, the Pooja book which contains the story and for prasad you will need roasted chana, ( गुढ़ )jaggery.

** You are not supposed to eat or touch anything which is sour like Curd, Lemon Etc

On a Friday morning have head bath and place the photo in a clean Pooja area and put a small Kalash. Place Santhoshi Maa’s photo and decorate it with flowers. Do the "Sankalpa" in order to start the 16- Friday before the Goddess. Keep channa along with jaggery piece on your straight hand before start reading the puja book. Also keep some prasad in a brass plate which you can keep on top of the kalasha. Later after reading the books you have to submit the the same prasada to the Goddess with Mantra "Bhog lagane samay (time of submitting the prasad)" . Light diya before the Goddess. Chant the mantras and read the story and give aarti to the Goddess and have prasadam. You can do fasting the entire day or can have food only once in a day (may be lunch or dinner). You are not supposed to eat anything sour on the day of the Pooja.
And after finishing the puja the "prasada" which you kept in your hand has to be given to Cow (Gou mata) by keeping it on your hand.

You need to do this for 16 weeks on Friday, and after you finish the 16 weeks you will be required to do Udyapan, i.e. you will be required to offer food to 8- kids and remember not to feed them anything sour and not to give them any cash, as they might use the cash to buy something sour. Also remember to inform their parents in order to avoid sour like items for them.

First gather the items required and then start the Pooja.

Items required for the Pooja:

  • 1 kalash
  • Betel (mango) leaves
  • Flowers
  • Dry whole channa and jaggery for prasad
  • Curpoor for aarti
  • Agarbatti
  • Diyas
  • Kumkum
  • Photo of santoshi Maa
  • Coconut for kalash (have to continue with the same coconut till you complete Pooja)
  • Wooden stool for placing the Photo
  • Rice to keep kalasha


  1. Heartiest congratulations for describing this.

  2. I had promogranate during my santoshi Mata vratham.. so can anyone suggest me that what I need to do

  3. plz reply..I have started fasting for maa and this is my 15th week I was fasting complete day with only water and one banana my looks and aarti in the evening I broke my fast with jaggery but by mistake I had sip of sprite I am so upset and worried...plz let me know the pariharam I should do plzz

  4. The roasted chana I offered to Santoshima had salt in it... I did the first two Fridays.. this will be my third .. should I restart again or change the roasted chana with the normal and say sorry to Ma.. please help