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Level 14 & 15, Concorde Towers
UB City, 1 Vittal Mallya Road
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Ph No. 080-42033383

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  1. Can I keep my vrat during my periods? I have done for pooja for 8 weeks so far. Please let me know ASAP.

  2. No you can't keep vrat during your periods, you have to skip that friday and start from next friday on-wards. Also you can't include that friday in the 16-Friday Vrat Sankalp of Maa Santoshi.

  3. have been doing Santoshi Mata Vrat since 4 weeks. I stay in Germany. I have some doubts.
    1. The upcoming Friday is my 4th Friday. But i have got my periods. Can i still keep a fast? I know this Friday will not be considered in the 16 Fridays, but then do i need to start again or i can just skip this Friday and extend one Friday at the end of the vrat?
    2.Generally i eat the Gud-chana held in my hand during Katha vaachan or distribute as prasad. Is it fine to do so?
    3. I had started the fast on 6th September but on that day I had not found any photo of Santoshi mata and also i had less saamagri for Pooja:But i followed the other rules and instructions of this vrat. So then shall I consider the vrat from Friday the 13th Sept?
    4. Please give me the details of Udyapan.

    awaiting your reply.

  4. In case if I am not able to get boys for udyapaan can I feed the cows now a days nobody wants to send theirs children for udyapaan.

  5. Can we eat Bread and corn flour ?

  6. My mother had made an offering of jaggery and lime juice by mistake. I am in distress and wish to do prayaschit
    . Kindly let me know the remedy if at all.

  7. I was performing Santoshi Mata pooja for last 11weeks, but my father expired on 17th of Jan. I have discontinued doing pooja as we cannot do pooja for a year now.I cannot stop eating sour food on Fridays as some Pooja's are going on.I am scared that for whatever reason I started doing the pooja that will not happen now.Please suggest a way.I am scared Mata has started cursing me.

  8. I have touched curd mistakenly ..can I continue santoshi maata vrat

  9. Hi today I eat kismis by mistake I m worried...plz do advise