Santoshi Maa Trust: Q & A By Email on July 13th 2013

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Monday, July 22, 2013

Q & A By Email on July 13th 2013

*Question by Devotee (True Name: Swapna Kudaravalli)
**Answer by SMT (Santoshi Maa Trust)

Devotee: I am doing Santhoshi Mata puja for 1st time. I stay in US.My doubt is how to do Udyapana here. I can't collect 8 boys at our apartment. So what can I do for Udyapana? And spending money on Friday. Can I spend money to buy clothes or I shouldn't spend money at all?

Please clarify my doubts.

SMT: Thanks for writing us & we would like to clear your doubts.

It is good to know that you have started Santoshi Maa vrat for the first time by which you will be able to achieve the peace & satisfaction in your life.

My first query: Every Friday, how are you feeding cows there ? Do you have cows ?

Obviously it will be difficult for you to do the Udyapan there in US. Don't spend money on anything. Udyapan will not be completed by gifting the clothes or by offering money. So for this you may have to come down to India to do such things.

If it will take some more time to come down India, then after 16th Friday also please continue doing the Vrat until your Udyapan gets fulfilled.

Devotee: I am not feeding any cows Priyanka. We don't have any and we can't feed them. Why do I need to feed a cow? Can't I give the food in temple as of Udyapan? I don't know when I will come to India. Can we touch sour food on Friday's while doing Santhoshi mata pooja? I am not going to eat but can I feed my son sour food.

Please clarify my doubts.

SMT: As per the process every friday after completing the Vrat puja, the chana & jaggery which you hold in your right hand while reading the vrat katha has to be feeded to cows.

If you don't have cows there, you can store it in safe place and the day of Udypan you will have to feed the cows.

Managing a stuffs and obeying the guidelines are two different things. It is your dedication & love towards Santoshi Maa.

You can't touch the sour food on fridays but unknowing if it happens then later you can seek the blessing of Mata.

You can't feed to your son too, but remeber if your family members also obey this procedure then it will turn as good for you.

Devotee: Thanks for clearing my doubts. I will email you if I have any more doubts.