Santoshi Maa Trust: Udyapan After or Before the Wishes gets fulfilled

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Saturday, July 13, 2013

Udyapan After or Before the Wishes gets fulfilled

Dear Devotees,

Jai Santoshi Maa :-)

We have got several inquiries from many devotees like you on the similar topic.

So we have decided to post this clarification so that the ready made answers will be available for all.

Santoshi Maa is the goddess of Satisfaction who satisfies all her devotees by fulfilling their wishes. 16-Friday is the vrat tradition while doing Santoshi Maa Pooja. It is written in the Vrat proceeding books that proceed for udyapan after completion of 16th Friday even before your wishes gets fulfilled. But it is not written that if your wishes are not fulfilled yet either you stop continuing the vrat or don't do the udyapan till your wishes gets fulfilled.

Suggestion: So if your wishes are not yet fulfilled then please continue doing your udyapan then only you will be blessed with the satisfaction and your wishes will be fulfilled soon.

Maa Santoshi will fulfill your wishes very soon just after your Udypan.

If any delay is happening due to any valid reason or urgency then it is fine, don't get worried. Because maa Santoshi already aware of your concerns but immediately try to do your udyapan.

Please have that faith & love & affection towards her. This is the only key to get your wishes fulfilled.

There is a wrong conception many places that by doing puja or vrat all our wishes can get fulfilled. But it is not because of that. We should offer your love or affection towards her. We should enjoy by doing the activities. She will fulfill your wishes and we are 100% sure about it. So please don't demand anything like an outsider demand like an son / daughter because she is not making demand only offer your love to her what she needs from all the devotees.

So We suggest that first make your udyapan as earliest with complete devotion towards her. After this you will be relaxed and your wishes will get fulfilled.

Regulations made by us not by Maa Santoshi. People should afraid when they are not doing something intentionally or knowingly.

By any means unknowingly some mistakes are happening then just pray and convey the same to Santoshi Maa. That is only required.

Priyanka (Trustee)
Santoshi Maa Trust


  1. Kya mata sbki icha puri krti h

  2. Can santoshi mata fullfiled all wishes of her devotee

  3. This is not worth becoz some couples desire for child and then you say you cant ask that