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Saturday, July 13, 2013

New Discussion with Devotees on Facebook

*Question by Devotee (True Name: Chandan)
**Answer by SMT (Santoshi Maa Trust)

Devotee: My name is chandan and i live in Australia. I have completed 16-week Santoshi Mata fast couple of months ago. I was thinking to perform the udayapan in oct in India as I had a plan to go to India in oct but because of some circumstances i won’t be able to go India in this year and now i am starting to get a little worried about how I will be able to get the udyapan performed to conclude the fast in Australia I am supposed to feed eight boys with kheer and gram. I don't personally have any boys to invite/feed, and have no one among my family or friends in Australia. Do you have any suggestion on how to perform this udyapan in Australia? I did ask one of the pandit Ji in Melbourne temple but he said he has no idea of santoshi mata's varat udayapn Vidhi. I did try to search temple in Australia Melbourne where I can get some help but could not find any santoshi mata temple in Melbourne. Ur help will be greatly appreciated.

Thank you for any advice.

SMT: Dear Chandan, Jai Santoshi Maa. Thanks for writing to us, we would love to help you out in solving your queries. Santoshi maa is the goddess of satisfaction. 

First of all you can able to conduct the udyapan in our home by organizing Santoshi Maa photo, kalash & puja samagari like kheer, gram, puri etc. And we can guide any pandit Ji in doing this for you. But you will have to organize the 8 boys in their itself which is mandatory without which it will be incomplete.
Other than this you will have to wait for some time & then plan to come back to India and complete your Udyapan.
Jai Santoshi Maa.

Devotee: Thank you for your reply and help. Can you please advise me these 8 boys should be under any age limit or I can ask any age boy? If I am unable to organise 8 boys, is there any other alternative like donate money and samagri in temple for 8 boys. 
I am very worried about udayapn because mata rani fulfilled my wish straight after I have completed my fasts i was so happy but after one month all of sudden everything started to happen opposite and everything that mata gave me is all vanished away now. May be that happened because i have not done udapan yet or may be I made sum kind of mistake. I have a full faith in mata. Jai santoshi maa.

SMT: Dear Chandan, By hearing this from you, hope you are not continuing the vrat now. You might be thinking that once 16-friday completed then it’s over. But exactly not like that. If you have not completed your udyapan then you should continue doing the vrat until Udyapan is completed.

I mentioned clearly & always remember that she is the goddess of satisfaction. It is good to hear that your wishes got fulfilled. But after 16-friday without doing udyapan you are not maintaining the precautions which is required on any fridays. Please do this. 

But now also you can go near Maa Santoshi and seek the blessings say sorry by which she will forgive you for everything and your wishes will get fulfilled again.

God is the supreme power and we are doing any kind of puja / vrat not to satisfy them it is to get our things done. So please don't think by donating some money in temple it will get over. Maa Santoshi is not asking for money it is only we. Maa Santoshi only needs your pure love and devotion towards her. 

8- boys age can vary from 5 to 14 years. But be careful they shouldn't eat any sour like items on that Udyapan day (friday). Jai Santoshi Maa.

For further queries, please write to us.

Devotee: Jai santoshi maa. I have started to follow whole procedure and precaution now. Can you please suggest me that am I allow to eat as many time as I want if it's not sour garlic onion contained food. Or I have to follow whole fast Vidhi until I complete udayapan.

SMT: Better if you can manage the whole day fast if unable to do so then max 1 time in a day preferably in the night time. Thanks. Jai Santoshi Maa

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  1. I am having viral fever,i have to take medicines could I skip fasting for one friday?