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Monday, July 9, 2012

Santoshi Maa Kripa to her Devotees

Few weeks back one of our devotee Mr. Prem Singh Yadav from Kanpur has started doing the Santoshi Maa Vrat for the first time in his life to avoid many of the obstacles from his personal life. Now he is working in IT company HP, Bangalore. But after completion of 3rd Friday, one of her friend in Bangalore came & insisted him to have have Pizza on 4th Friday & he had. Later he remember that he shouldn't have it, afterwards her friend insisted him to drink juice which he ignored to have stating that on friday he shouldn't have all these items where sour like ingredients are present. But she said don't worry any how you had the pizza so now you drink it & he followed it again.

But after reaching home his stomach & head pain started. Next friday one of our devotee Mr. Subrat was present with him and he was suffering from this stomach & head pain very seriously. And Mr. Subrat felt something wrong is going on, so he started prayer sitting in-front of Santoshi Maa and felt that he should ask Mr. Prem if something wrong happened.

Then Mr. Prem explained the entire thing which was explained earlier. After the Mr. Subrat suggested him to go in-front of Santoshi Maa and ask for blessings as well as forgiveness with whole heart. Immidiate effect was Mr. Prem has got relived from all his stomach & head pain.


1. Santoshi Maa Vrat is very easy & goddess will forgive if anything happened by mistake which you have not known.
2. Never insist any friend to have sour like ingredient food on friday if he / she is doing Santoshi Maa Vrat.
3. Devotee should go & seek for blessings if anything went wrong by having sour like items.
4. Santoshi Maa needs your dedication & love never seek for anything. (prem ki bhooki hain matra ki nehin)  5. Santoshi Maa will fulfill all your need & help you to come out of all your problems.

Hope this topic will give many answers to a lot of queries.

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  1. Hi.I too have the similar situation.Today while doing the santhoshi maa's vrat,I fainted as i fell sick due to which i have been forced to have citric filled food in order to bring back my consciousness.Please let me know anything needs to be done from my side now.Should I start the vrat from the first?.Thanks in advance..Jai santhoshi maa..

  2. Hi Gayathri,
    Very sorry that you fainted & became sick on the friday. But that might be a kind of test which has been offered.

    But no need to start the Vrat from the beginning, Just that friday has to be excluded. And go sit in front of Santoshi Maa & pray for a while & ask for her blessings for your mistakes from your core heart & say sorry, she is very kind to her devotees. So she will forgive & you can continue doing the Vrat. All the very best & We will also pray for you.

  3. Today is my 2nd Friday of my fast..santoshi ma ki jai

  4. Hi! I accidentally touched sour fruit ( orange) this morning. I didn't eat.I J realised and throwed away. I am so much worried.

  5. As i have a function in my home can I do makeup on that day and if i do what thing don't i keep in my mind

  6. Thank you for all the positive words here. I want to start the Vrat , but I'm absolutely scared if by mistake I touch or eat anything sour. I hope mata shows me the way. Jai Santoshi Mata ki.