Santoshi Maa Trust: Distribution of Prasad for Santoshi Maa's Vrat Udyapan

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Friday, October 10, 2014

Distribution of Prasad for Santoshi Maa's Vrat Udyapan

This is the devotion that matters for any devotee that how they are flexible enough to conduct the Vrat Udyapan. Devotee should keep in mind that you are actually serving the Lord by your generous feeding ritual. If that thought is kept in mind, how does it matter if you go to feed 8-boys or they come to you ?

Your piety & devotion only will reach the Goddess Santoshi Maa.

First look at, Are there any temples located in your area so that you can arrange the Santoshi Maa Vrat udyapan it self in the temple premises. Possibly Talk/contact with the temple administration / priest. Also inquire whether there are any arrangements of Food and Prasad preparation in the temple itself.

If not then better recommendation is to prepare prasad in your home for which you can call priest and arrange for the Vrat Udyapan. After which you can feed 8- boys. Try your best to arrange them or else you can feed to 8-boy statues mostly which is arranged in every Santoshi Maa Temples.
As per the vrat itself you have to distribute food and prasad to 8 boys and you have to check the boys not to eat any sour items at that day. It may not possible if you distribute prasad to their homes. If food arrangement is not possible any where pray Santoshi Maa and donate some food items for 8 to 10 boys to an orphan home (Whatever religion they are) so that some poor people may get food, distribute Prasad as you plan and ultimately Santosi Maa will satisfy & bless you.
She is the Goddess of Love & Prosperity.

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